What  you should know

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Kingdom is a gospel reality tv show where contestants live in a house & work in the harvest field to win souls to the glory of God Almighty & graced with a grand prize worth of millions of naira.

Kingdom reality tv show is eligible for ages 18 and above from different backgrounds. Housemates who will in a luxurious house together to win a grand prize worth millions of naira.

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The housemates will live in the house together under the surveillance of the 2 Global Brothers who is overseeing the housemates 24/7.

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The housemates will be provided with the 2 Global Brothers rules & regulations in the house to guide all housemates in other to have a better conduct and values for one another.

Housemates will have a good level of privacy as to what the viewers are expected to see and not to see.

Every Mondays, the housemates will dress in a professional costumes & go into the harvest field to win souls to the glory of God Almighty. The housemates with the highest number of souls will automatically become the head of house for that week.

Same Mondays, the housemates will play a game together in other to find the deputy head of house for that week.

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Each housemates will be given a diary session every day, where housemates will have a private interaction with the 2 Global Brothers. In this diary session, housemates will also have a live opportunity to interact with their fans & partners which will enable them share thoughts together within a limited amount of time.

Every week, one special surprise celebrity guest (not to be disclosed yet to the housemates until the time) will be invited & welcome in the house to share his/her success stories to the housemates.

There would be lots of games to be played by both the housemates and their fans with so many 'Kingscash' & gifts to be won individually between the housemates and fans. There's a particular game the housemates will engage their fans representing as the live audience. The contestants are given the opportunity to make their choices using the 3 provided lifeline options either to ask their fans, phone a friend, & allow the 2 Global Brothers to remove 2 incorrect answers and leave 2 answers which one of them is the correct answer. The contestants will tackle a series of multiple-choice questions to win large cash prizes in a format that twists on many game show genre conventions – only one contestant plays at a time, similar to radio quizzes; contestants are given the question before attempting an answer, and have a specific amount of time limit to answer each questions; and the amount offered increases as they tackle questions that become increasingly difficult. The maximum cash prize offered in this game version of the format is an aspirational value in local currency, such as in millions of naira.

Housemates will have the platform to express their skills, talents & explore their business on the go. This platform is designed for both the housemates, fans and clients to engage & interact together which will attract a whole lot of endorsements & business deal for the housemates on the go.

Housemates will given a major tasks each to represent the nation as the President of the country within a limited time. Housemates (as the President) are expected to first create a team of ministers by appointing the rest of the housemates into his/her cabinet offices and critically look into the present state of the economy and give their best solutions and design the best approach for its reality

Housemates will have the opportunity to carry out on the go a community development program whereby calling on supporters, fans and investors to invest into their areas of interest related to the goal of the development.

One (or more) housemates is evicted each week, and the housemates are expected to win a specific numbers of souls, as the housemates with the least souls will be motivated, nominated and put up for eviction each week.

Eviction takes place on Sunday evening, where housemate(s) with the least votes is evicted, and at the end of the required days, the very last housemates with the highest votes becomes the number one & takes the grand prizes.

The chances to remain in the house without being evicted will depend absolutely in the viewers who will vote for their favorite housemates to remain in the house to win the grand prize, and crown the housemate with the highest number of votes as the winner of the Kingdom Reality TV Show.

The winner would be recognized globally and honored with 'The Kingdom Celebrity Star Award' (TKCSA).

Voting system would be verified by a lists of professional auditing firm.

The funds generated in the Kingdom Reality TV Show is used primarily to power up the show, award winners & empower the citizens with a start up kits/cash to promote their skills, talents, and businesses as a way of giving back to the society

As a result of this TV show, participants (of over a thousand of persons excluding the housemates) who registered will have the opportunity to participate in the raffle draw to win awesome & amazing worth of prizes.